Guy bought the house in 2004 and after a 5 year and 600 ton renovation, he uncovered the secrets of the property providing some of the most amazing architecture, sculptures and paintings from the Cathar period.

The historic paintings where found by chance. To the naked eye they were old planks on a ceiling but hidden by what we now know as layers of fly poo!  If it had not rained on the scattered boards in the garden overnight Guy would never have seen the colours revealed.

In total there are 128 planks, with the longest measuring 4.8m.  Guy stored them for 7 years and on showing Claire, both agreed it was important for them to be preserved and shared with the community so contact was made with the Mairie.

The boards are currently being renovated.  To date, 26 have been cleaned and revealed, fantasy animals, Fleur de Lye’s, 3 kings, one believed to be King John also known as John with no lands and 22 chevaliers one of which is Simon de Montfort and a local family crest identifying the family Lévis who instructed the building of the great bell tower at Lagrasse Abbey.

These paintings are believed to be the oldest paintings in the region and have caused great interest with medieval specialists across Europe. We continue to work with the Bâtiments de France to understand how the paintings are linked with the Cathar Crusade and how they elaborate on the story during the Cathar period.